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I have done everything under the sun to combat my cellulite.

Nothing combats cvellulite like FasciaBlaster

Thank you for creating the Fasciablaster!!! You have no idea what the use of this product has done for my self esteem. I've tried everything under the sun to combat my cellulite. I see a HUGE improvement and now I know that next year I won't have to dread the summer because I'll be able to wear shorts!! Thank you so much 

 Angelica S. 

It looks like I have Less Cellulite!!!

Ashley Black's FasciaBlaster

I love this!!! Ive been using it everyday for almost a week. I can honestly see changes in my legs. I have less cellulite. At first I saw the redness and it became really warm. Ive had some bruising- not much. I was skeptical at first because I tried everything. When my daughter saw the difference thats when I knew I had something real

 Shellayne W. 

Fasciablaster and No More Cellulite

Ashley Black's FasciaBlaster gives me no more cellulite

Omgoodness!! please believe me when I say this... Stop wasting your time and money on other products because this was and is a God sent to me. No more cellulite on my body is worth way more money than this. I'm 40 and 122 lb but for the life of me I could never get rid of cellulite till now. I thank you Mrs. Ashley <3

 Brandy H. 

The FasciaBlaster is Amazing!

Ashley Black's FasciaBlaster is amazing

Ashley Black's FasciaBlaster is amazing! I've been using it for 3 months mostly on my legs but a little on my arms & stomach too. I'm addicted & look forward to blasting as often as possible! My legs have never looked better. They also feel better t think it's too good to be true, go for it! It's true! We don't have to live with "cellulite"! I've had it my whole life even at 18 yrs old & 115lbs. & it's seriously going away! Also Ashley is so helpful & will quickly answer any questions. Wish I lived in closer, so I could give Ashley Black a hug for creating the fasciablaster tool!

 Jackie M. 

Nothing Touched my Cellulite until FasciaBlaster

FasciaBlaster kills cellulite

Hey! I had messaged you a couple weeks ago when I first got my fascia blaster. I took pics that day and then this morning after about 10 days of using it. I skipped a couple days because the bruising but I almost burst into tears this morning. I am not heavy and very health conscious. I am a runner but I also do strength training, crossfit, barre and weight lifting. Nothing would touch my cellulite I still had although I work out so hard. This did!!! I can't wait to see how much better it even gets but seriously if this continues u have changed my life! Thanks so much !!!!!! U need to get this thing on tv! I'm telling all my friends.

 Laura P. 

Excellent Customer Service

Ashley Black's FasciaBlaster and excellent customer service

Excellent customer service, free advice, free tutorials, free support system. I came to the fascia blaster for my Post surgeries cellulite that I never imagined could go away. I am almost one month in and my results are dramatic. I feel confident, I feel empowered and I couldn't be more thankful to Ashley Black. She is the queen, the Guru and I could kiss her twice. Best $89.00 spent in my 41 years. I have my Power back!

 Daniela C. 

Three Weeks in and I Love the FasciaBlaster

Ashley Black's FasciaBlaster works after three weeks

I started using the fasciablaster about 3 weeks ago. I use it every other day and am a bit firm with it. The results have been amazing! My thighs are smooth (almost cellulite free) and the muscles are already showing more. I've been using it mainly on my thighs and bum, but plan to branch out a bit to other parts of my body. Thanks, Ashley!!

 Catherine H. 

Addicted to the FasciaBlaster

Photo to accompany the Review by Kim about how addicted she is to Ashley  Black's FasciaBlaster

I LOVE mine! and am totally ADDICTED to it. I use it in the morning and the evening, and if I have to miss one or the other I feel cheated! I've only been using it for 5 days now, but can see a dramatic difference in the way my legs look and feel! I wish I had known about this years ago! Thank you Ashley Black Guru for giving me the hope of looking and feeling youthful again!

 Kim H. 

Wearing Shorts after 15 Years of Hating my Legs

Image of Ashley Black client in shorts after 15 years. Go fasciaBlaster

Man the fascia blaster has transformed my entire body but my legs omg do u remember I told u I hated even being naked in front of my husband cuz I hated my legs and had never worn shorts in what 15 years...but now I have a ton of shorts. This thing truly is amazing and myself confidence is higher than ever so grateful for this product. 

 Tamara T. 

FasciaBlaster Exceeded My Wildest Dreams

fasciablaster exceeded my wildest dreams, Thank you, Ashley Black.

I ordered the FasciaBlaster to use for my age related aches and pains. The magic stick has exceeded my wildest hopes. My aches and pains have drastically decreased and the bonus is that I am seeing a decrease in my cellulite. Love this product and the personalized coaching that Ashley offers....is priceless!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

 Jennifer M. 

Really Awesome Product!

Ashley Black's FasciaBlaster

I saw a difference after the first use. I have had the FB for about 3 weeks now and the improvements are amazing. My cellulite is so dramatically reduced as to be barely visible and my Achilles' tendon that has been sore and swollen for about two years is feeling great! For reference I am 45 and workout a lot but have had cellulite since my early teens. My legs look better than they have in years. Really awesome product!

 Becky G. 

Love it! Love the FasciaBlaster

I will never regret the day that I started using Ashley Black' s fasciablaster

I was skeptical at first, since I tried everything from creams to lasers ect.. I've been blasting for 6 weeks and no more cellulite, I'm wearing shorts again, I have not worn shorts in ten years. Ladies this is an amazing tool. You will not regret it. Happy Blasting.

 Alicia J. 

FasciaBlaster is the REAL DEAL!

FasciaBlaster is the best

I am a fit 33 yr old momma of 2. I can runner, kick boxer, avid weight trainer but I could not get rid of the cellulite on the back of my legs!!! Until now!! Fascia blaster is the real deal y'all.

 Amy E. 

Less Cellulite in Three FasciaBlasters

Ashley Black's FasciaBlaster

In just 3 times on the back of my legs I've seen a difference in the cellulite.

 Courtney S. 

(LESS) Cellulite, Body Aches, and Muscle Sprains OH My!

Ashley Black's FasciaBlaster

Love it. Love it. This is the best thing that I have ever bought. It has helped me with cellulite, but it truly goes way beyond that. It helps with body aches and pulled muscles, headaches and migraines. Oh so much. Love it.

 Irenadaisy Z. 

Nothing Gives Me Results Like the FasciaBlaster

Ashley Black's FasciaBlaster gives great results

I agree :-) Can't live without my fascia blaster!!! I've spend thousands of dollars on cellulite treatments & skin lasers nothing has given me results like the fascia blaster NOTHING!!

 Jeannette R. 

CELLULITE appears to Disappear

Ashley Black's FasciaBlaster makes cellulite disappear and a woman on a horse.

I purchased the fascia blaster about 2 weeks ago and where the cellulite was the worst! on my legs... it looks like it is disappearing I work out at least 5 times a week lifting weights and couldn't seem to make my legs look better, but with the help of the blaster they are looking better! Can't wait to see how they and other . parts of my body look in the weeks and months to come! I also have better range of motion without pain in my legs and my spider veins are also going away!

 Sandra G. 

63 Years Old and Getting Leg Compliments

Ashley Black's FasciaBlaster is the best for 63 year olds with legs,

I'm 63 and have been using this for about a month. Just got my first compliment on my legs this weekend while wearing shorts. Love it.

 Doris F. 

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