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FasciaBlaster Vs. Fibromyalgia

This product by Ashley Black is the FasciaBlaster

This product by Ashley Black has literally changed my life! I had debilitating fibromyalgia (age 47) --degenerative disc disease (neck) --arthritis and osteoporosis. I'm so grateful and happy to report I am off medication and can move without pain! PLEASE don't give up--this works. AND Ashley is right there every time you need her--so are all the FABULOUS ladies in the FashiaBlasting group. WELCOME!

                                                 -Nicole M.

FasciaBlaster is truly a Miracle!

This product by Ashley Black is the FasciaBlaster

It has helped my plantar fasciitis so much, I almost can't believe it! My mom had a bad flare up a few days ago and I lent her the mini I made and she is so, so happy to be out of pain as well! The FB is truly a miracle too!!!


                                                   -Rebecca S.

FasciaBlaster helped Reshape my Leg.

This product by Ashley Black is the FasciaBlaster and its great

Reduction in cellulite, reshaping of my disfigured right lower leg, better circulation therefore reducing the swelling in my leg with lymphedema (I hope to fully release the blockage), skin tightening, fat blasting in ab like mini lipo sessions, my stomach and pouch are going up and in, instead of just hanging like when I previously lost a significant amount of weight.

                                                       -Kacy L.

FasciaBlaster and TMJ

TMJ is cured. This product by Ashley Black is the FasciaBlaster

I started using my Fascia Blaster last week, with special focus on my neck and TMJ. For the first time in years, I feel no pain. This is the real deal! I sound like a commercial, but I have tried sooooo many things throughout my life. I use to get myo-fascial therapy once a week, and trust me, that was amazing! (however, $100 a week adds up!) With the Fascia Blaster, I am able to self medicate myself, getting right to the root of the problem. I used it on my boyfriend las night, and now...he is a believer. Ashley has really made a huge difference in my life and I thank her for what she has done for me! Jacquelyn

                                            -JacQue L.


FasciaBlaster helped chronic pain in my feet!

This product by Ashley Black is the FasciaBlaster

This is new for me- I have several chronic pain issues, one in particular is unexplained pain in my feet if I walk a lot. Today was a busy day. My feet were sore. I worked on my left foot for 3 minutes for the first time ever. 2 hrs later, after sitting a while, I notice there is no pain in the left foot; only in the right. Very excited to stay after it until all is turned loose. I have tried tennis balls, etc in the past. Nothing gets this kind of result.

                                                               -Traci G.

Helped with pain caused by Ehlers Danlos.

Pain is gone because of This product by Ashley Black is the FasciaBlaster

I ordered this to help with pain and problems caused by Ehlers Danlos. Long story short It's been a slow process for me but the FB helps keep my muscles a lot looser and knots break up easier. It has somewhat helped with my joint pain, I plan to keep working on it. I will say that when I blast my legs, my knees and ankles tend to ache a lot afterwards but improve the next day. In short, I ordered it for a medical reason and it's doing what I hoped it would. I also use it for the cellulite as an added bonus, which is also working great!

                                                            -Kala F.

FasciaBlaster Reviews - Pain Relief

FasciaBlaster and Sciatic pain relief

This product by Ashley Black is the FasciaBlaster

I used it for sciatic pain on my hip all the way down to my foot. I just did it one night all over my hip and woke up the next day to no pain. First time in a year. Pretty amazing.

                    -Brandi G.

FasciaBlaster and my Husband

This product by Ashley Black is the FasciaBlaster

Ashley I used the fasciablaster on my husband today he has tendenitis in his elbow and he's a Lineman, he worked over 16hrs was in pain and I gave him his first fasciablaster experience! His arm felt way better and he took the box with him to show all his coworkers how amazing this fasciablaster is!

-Teri P.

FasciaBlaster and my Arthritic Knees!

This product by Ashley Black is the FasciaBlaster

Awesome help for arthritic knees!! I'm now working on my abdominal muscles thighs and arms. It is helping erase my sciatic nerve pain from an old lower back injury. This little tool is helping me feel physically well again!!!

-Linda H.

FasciaBlaster Brought Me Back from a Bad Fall

I love This product by Ashley Black is the FasciaBlaster

I had a fall about six weeks ago with an injury to my back as well as chronic neck and lower back pain from the daily lifting I do. The fascia blaster is such a pain relief. I don't take pain meds and I really don't need them with the blaster. I'm also enjoying the definition I am getting on the rest of my body from it, but the pain relief makes it totally worth the money.

                                        - Michelle S. 

I Woke Up without Back Pain...


I have had major back problems since I gave birth 8 months ago. I mostly bought your product for my back and figured if it works on cellulite too that's a bonus. I used it for the first time last night on my lower back and "saddle bag" area. Yes I'm bruised, and yes my husband stared at me like I was crazy BUT I woke up without back and Sciatica pain for the first time in 8 mths and I didn't have to take an anti-inflammatory this morning!!! I've been going to the chiropractor only getting instant relief to be in pain the next morning. Lord I hope it stays this good!!!!

                           - Jennifer B. 

FasciaBlaster Eased Multiple Health Issues!

fasciablaster Reviews

I have multiple health issues including chronic low back pain. I ordered my fasciablaster a few weeks ago. It came in and I was having really intense pain in my mid back due to my COPD/Asthma. It hurt just to breath! I grabbed my blaster and had my hubby work it across my mis back.....OMG!! I haven't had this kind of relief in 7 years! I think that my breathing is even better now! This is going to change my life for sure.

                                    -Rita  J.

FacsiaBlaster Reviews - Pain Relief

Minimized pain in One Session

Minimized pain in One Session

I love mine, my husband and I did the same thing on the first day! I got rid of a pain he had in his back for years in one session, it's been about 2 weeks and it is still gone!!

- Michele T. 

FasciaBlaster and My Husband's Back are Best Friends Now

FasciaBlaster and My Husband's Back are Best Friends Now

NOT a gimmick at all!! I just got mine and used it on a knot in my husband's back. He was in tons of pain and after using it for 5 minutes..knot gone. Pain gone. He was ecstatic!!

- Mary H. 

Fasciablaster left me no aches or pains

Fasciablaster left me no aches or pains

I use the Fascia Blaster for my back problems And I now get out of bed with no aches and pains!! Truly a God sent.

                                        - Carla P. 

FasciaBlaster and Ashley transformed my life!


Within days the chronic pain in my legs was gone. Then after watching her video on correct posture my chroic pain is gone. I thought I was going to have to suffer a life long battle with pain. Aside from the fascia blasting which has been incredible, Ashley Blsavkhas transformed my life. You will never know until you try. I'm truly amazed and eternally grateful. And so is my liver because I no longer take pain meds!!!

                             - Andrea A. 

I have never been happier.


Hands down a necessity if you have a body! The changes in well being as well as aesthetic differences are incredible! My pain issues from muscle over use are a thing of the past, so is the edema doctors couldn't diagnose in my ankles. I have never been happier. The support Ashley provides is incoparable. Thank you is not enough for the benefits I have received for such a nominal investment.

                                                   - Roxy R. 

...pain free immediately...


After years of athletic injuries, one after another from knees, plantar fasciitis to Achilles tears from tight and bound fascia I had nothing to lose when I tried the Fascia Blaster. The science backing up the patent on this tool not only made me a believer but healing and pain free immediately. It has reshaped my body, smoothed my fascia and overall wellness. Ashley is the real deal.

                                - Tracy M. 

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