FASCIABLASTER Review Spotlight

8 Things That Have Changed Since FasciaBlasting

“I started my fasciablasting journey trying to figure out how to get rid of cellulite (because counting macros and 6 days in the gym each week was not getting rid of it, no matter how much fat I lost or how much muscle mass I gained), and it became so much more than that! The free coaching service Ashley Black and her staff have offered to help us blasters has been so supportive, encouraging, and life changing for me. I've only been blasting for 30 days, but already I have seen so many great things happen in my body. Here's the rundown:


  1. The pain in my legs is almost gone! I was recently diagnosed with sciatica after complaining about shooting pains and numbness for five years (I'm a thumper when I walk so I thought that's what was making them hurt all this time); little did I know it was because of bound fascia!
  2. Better sleep! I used to lie awake exhausted but unable to fall asleep until well after I had gone to bed. It was so obnoxious!! Now insomnia ain't a thing. 
  3. I have so much more energy! 
  4. My mind is clearer. 
  5. My breasts have lifted, for real (and I've nursed three children)! 
  6. My Grand Canyon sized diastases recti is closing, which means all those ab workouts I've been getting nowhere with the last five years are going to start paying off! I've also noticed a dramatic decrease in post baby belly fat that meal planning and working out hasn't touched. 
  7. My glutes actually fire!! After doing crazy glute/hammy workouts for two years (one legged squats, jumping squats...lawwd have mercy ) just trying to feel the burn (thinking I must have been doing something wrong or not enough), I realized it was because my glutes/hammy tie-in were so bound by unhealthy fascia that they wouldn't grow no matter what I did. Well, they're on fire now!! 
  8. I can isolate and flex my butt now! As crazy as that sounds I was not able to do that before. It was like a signal disconnect between my brain and my glutes, but I didn't know why. It was so frustrating! But then I found Ashley Black and the Fasciablaster, read her book which explained the science behind fascial adhesions, and began doing the protocols she recommended. Thirty days later and I can literally think about my glutes and will them to flex. Yeah, I definitely feel like The Rock with his pecks, except it's my buttcheeks.

My cellulite has diminished but is not gone yet, as I am considered Beyond Bound due to years of being an athlete. It is going to take some time to undo the havoc I have wreaked on my body over the years, so I will be patient as I continue to heal my fascia layer by layer. And I'm good with that! The results I've already experienced are proof enough that blasting works!

Thank you, Ashley Black and team! I can't wait to see what else this blasting journey has in store for me. “

                                                                                                                                          -- Heather A

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Ashley Black's FasciaBlaster Reviews on Google - click here

Fasciablaster Review Spotlight

My Deepest Gratitude to Ashley Black for Creating the FasciaBlaster.


“Dear Ashley Black,

I am tearing up as I write this post. I work hard, I work hard in every area of my life. I give it my all. But there is no point in channeling that energy into tools or methods that don't work. It's a waste of energy and it leaves one with a dark hole of desiring something but not being able to manifest it because the tool is not right.

I want to offer my deep gratitude to Ashley Black for creating the FasciaBlaster. The fascia blaster self-massage tool has empowered me in so many ways that it's hard to put everything in writing but I still will.

- I lost 20 pounds in 3 months, FB accelerated my ketosis diet and released water retention and puffiness that caused bloating and difficulty in losing weight.

- My pelvic floor strengthened and my connection from my core to the tip of my toes strengthened and improved my dancing big time.

- I started to feel the muscle under the glute-hammie tie in and I could use it to fire power for my dancing.

- I had intense sharp throbbing pain on the left of my sternum, between my breast and rib cage. While I worked with a physical therapist I also blasted my lats and my mid back to keep opening my fascia around the diaphragm and rib cage. In any other situation I would give up dancing or live in fear. Knowledge gives power and you have empowered me with the knowledge of my body and the fascia and given me a tool to go live a life from my greatness.

- I even blasted my insteps after dancing. I carry my mini2 everywhere.

- I do a desk job in IT for a living but my mini is always next to me and I keep blasting my quads, inner thighs, neck and shoulders in addition to my proper blast routine. Even massaging with the fasciablaster gently on my body over my clothes continued to keep me open and free of soreness and pain from dancing.

- I blasted my entire arms, lateral lines and it opened my dance frame and I could engage better.

-In ballroom the man sends energy through the arms suggesting/directing where to go but he initiates the movement and in doing my part I have to keep my arms engaged and feel the connection from my palms to the entire lateral line that runs up to the feet and thus something initiated from the palm ends up in the movement in your feet and legs. Blasting my arms and lateral lines, improved that connection tremendously.

I did very well in my most recent dance competition and I am very grateful.

Thank you from my heart for empowering me.”

                                                                                                                                -- Simin V

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