Sometimes there are reviews that say SO much that you can't break them down or only share a portion of it. Reviews about the FasciaBlaster and Ashley Black Guru that supercede a normal 3-minute scribble in Amazon, make it to the FASCIABLASTER REVIEWS SPOTLIGHT page.

Fasciablaster Review Spotlight

My Deepest Gratitude to Ashley Black for Creating the FasciaBlaster.


“Dear Ashley Black,

I am tearing up as I write this post. I work hard, I work hard in every area of my life. I give it my all. But there is no point in channeling that energy into tools or methods that don't work. It's a waste of energy and it leaves one with a dark hole of desiring something but not being able to manifest it because the tool is not right.

I want to offer my deep gratitude to Ashley Black for creating the FasciaBlaster. The fascia blaster self-massage tool has empowered me in so many ways that it's hard to put everything in writing but I still will.

- I lost 20 pounds in 3 months, FB accelerated my ketosis diet and released water retention and puffiness that caused bloating and difficulty in losing weight.

- My pelvic floor strengthened and my connection from my core to the tip of my toes strengthened and improved my dancing big time.

- I started to feel the muscle under the glute-hammie tie in and I could use it to fire power for my dancing.

- I had intense sharp throbbing pain on the left of my sternum, between my breast and rib cage. While I worked with a physical therapist I also blasted my lats and my mid back to keep opening my fascia around the diaphragm and rib cage. In any other situation I would give up dancing or live in fear. Knowledge gives power and you have empowered me with the knowledge of my body and the fascia and given me a tool to go live a life from my greatness.

- I even blasted my insteps after dancing. I carry my mini2 everywhere.

- I do a desk job in IT for a living but my mini is always next to me and I keep blasting my quads, inner thighs, neck and shoulders in addition to my proper blast routine. Even massaging with the fasciablaster gently on my body over my clothes continued to keep me open and free of soreness and pain from dancing.

- I blasted my entire arms, lateral lines and it opened my dance frame and I could engage better.

-In ballroom the man sends energy through the arms suggesting/directing where to go but he initiates the movement and in doing my part I have to keep my arms engaged and feel the connection from my palms to the entire lateral line that runs up to the feet and thus something initiated from the palm ends up in the movement in your feet and legs. Blasting my arms and lateral lines, improved that connection tremendously.

I did very well in my most recent dance competition and I am very grateful.

Thank you from my heart for empowering me.”

                                                                                                                                -- Simin V

FasciaBlaster Reviews on Pain Relief - Click here
FasciaBlaster Reviews on Pain Relief - Click here

Getting rid of back fat with the fasciablaster

I love using the blaster and sharing my results with you. I got so many requests on how I got rid of the dreaded back fat area. I hope you enjoy the video and get the inspiration you need to start or even continue your journey Blasting! Share with friends and happy blasting!  *Disclaimer----- I am not endorsed by Ashley Black Guru or her company. I do this cause I like it.   Be sure to check out my journey on my blog: https://goo.gl/3GhRVl fb:https://goo.gl/nuPQrUinstagram @eviethegreatunicorn 

FasciaBlaster: How and why I know It Works!

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