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2 1/2 inches in both thighs. Thank you, FasciaBlaster

Losing weight is simple with FasciaBlaster by Ashley black

It's coming great. I've lost 2 1/2 inches on each thigh. My thighs are so smooth, I even rub them now and then. Never seen the like this. I'm in love with the product. Going for my tummy next. Thank you so much.

 Liz G. 

The FasciaBlaster Has Me Losing Inches in My Waist

Lose weight with FasciaBlaster by Ashley black

I've had my fascia blaster since September and I am thrilled with it. I carry my weight around my waist and when I go on a diet I lose weight everywhere except my waist. I'm not on a diet right now. I haven't lost any weight. But I've been using my blaster only on my Waist and I've lost 3 inches!! I've been doing it about three times per week ever since I got it and I'm loving the results. Thank you Ashley Black Guru

 Alicia E. 

My Husband Notices First...

FasciaBlaster by Ashley black is a weight-losing machine

I love I use for 4 week and for sure all my body look different. My husband said days ago "r u losing weight" My weight is the same but my belly is more flat!

 Yvonne T. 

A Massage Thearapist on fasciaBlaster

She feels confidnet with her FasciaBlaster by Ashley black

I'm a massage therapist too! I've had some pretty amazing results on my thunder thighs! Lol! Ready to incorporate the fascia blaster in my practice!

 Misty B. 

FasciaBlaster makes my clothes fit!

FasciaBlaster by Ashley black is the Number one myofascial tool on the market today

I have been using my blaster every day for 2 weeks and can already see a difference. Today my husband noticed my waist looks different in my clothing! Wow, I am so excited. I plan to blast legs, arm, neck and face. So excited!!!

 Harper L. 

I walked by the mirror and my mouth dropped!

FasciaBlaster by Ashley black is the best

I have used this for just over a week. I didn't expect results this quickly! I got undressed in my bathroom and walked by my mirror and my mouth dropped. I could see a difference in my thighs after just a week!!

 Lora C. 

Lost Inches In Both Thighs Thanks to my FasciaBlaster

FasciaBlaster by Ashley black

My FasciaBlaster has trimmed my thighs and helped me run more properly. My old shorts are too big! So much better than my foam roller! I would like to see more videos for arm and shoulder use, though. Thanks!! ❤️❤️❤️

 Crystal A. 

I sleep Better and My Skin Tone Has Improved

FasciaBlaster by Ashley black

EXCELLENT product! I just got mine a week ago and already I'm down two inches. I sleep better and my skin tone has improved. The texture of my skin is super soft now. I am looking forward to using this tool forever. I also have more energy. It's pretty amazing all of the changes I have noticed so far in such short time. If you don't have a fasciablaster get one. It's a game changer in everyway. Thanks Ashley Black! You are the bomb!

 Dorothy N. 

I Love This Stick!

FasciaBlaster by Ashley black makes me dance

I love this stick. I have lost more inches in 6 weeks with this than I did with 8 months at the gym. Recommend it for anyone wanting to lose the fat.

 Rachel R. 

Everyone Should Have One Of These Miracle Sticks!

The FasciaBlaster by Ashley Black is amazing. My friends love it too

Amazing!! Everyone should have one of these miracle sticks!! Otherwise known as the fasciablaster, wow I lost weight before finding it but had extra skin to deal with, and dents in my stomach blasting has helped so much and my stomach is getting flatter and I' not dieting anymore, wish I would have found this before my weightloss journey, I am amazed I thought I would have to live with my dents but they are vanishing, can't wait for her book also, Ashley has used her trials to help others she is an amazing woman and I thank God I found her fasciablaster and the Facebook group is awesome tool!! Come join us and be a blaster sister!!

 Theresa R. 

FasciaBlaster - 1, Stubborn Fat Pockets - 0

Ashley Black and her FasciaBlaster

 I wasn't even looking for weight loss benefits when I started using this, but wow I can't believe how much it's slimmed me out! I had stubborn fat pockets that didn't seem to respond to dieting and exercising, but the Fasciablaster has be awesome for smoothing them out and my pictures are proof that they're smaller!! I'm on my way ---- so excited!!!

 Kimberly P. 

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