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FasciaBlasting five minutes a day!


I have been using for 2 weeks for just 5 minutes a day and can see an improvement on my abdomen. I'm so amazed!

 Melissa N. 

My Foam Roller is gathering Dust


For my fitness friends out there...FYI I bought ine almost a month ago, and I've been extremely consistent with using it, the foam rollers up and gathering dust in my living room!! Since using the Fasciablaster, I have noticed a huge difference in the definition in my arms and my legs!!

 Angela K. 

Fasciablaster enhanced my Workout


I have noticed a lot more shape in my quads especially around my knees. Working like crazy on my hammies and they are starting to carve. I have been lifting for a long time and now getting to enjoy the hard work.

 Janette G. 

Fasciablaster gave me crazy range of motion


Love how it's helping me carve out certain spots and bring range of motion back too! I feel sooooo much better after blasting. Thank You Ashley Black!!!!!

 Noe S. 

Loving the FasciaBlaster and Ashley Black


So loving this product and Ashley Black. Received my fascia blaster a few weeks ago and am loving the results I'm having with regard to less pain and more muscle definition... ok... not building but the 'revealing' of my muscle underneath the 'jacked up' fascia. Thank you Ashley Black for coming into my FB page... So glad I joined the movement!

 Teresa K. 

My Body is Working Better


I feel my body working better and more effectively since using the FasciaBlaster! I've always had the hardest time accessing and firing certain muscle groups and now when I work out I feel a significant difference! 

 Claire S. 

I use my Girlfriend's Fasciablaster!


Excellent product, I use my GFs Fascia Blaster on my arms where I have had lots of injuries from working out. This product helps get me back in the gym. I am also having to go to therapy less. I highly recommend this.

 Mike S. 

Powerlifters love fasciaBlaster

Ashley black built the fasciablaster originally for her fitness clients to help them with their pain

I have been using the FasciaBlaster since May 2016 and I absolutely love it! I am a Powerlifter and I lift heavy weights all the time. This tool has immensely helped my recovery after workouts, has increased muscle definition, decreased knee, shoulder, and low back pain, and is also reducing my cellulite. This is NOT a magic wand where you use it one time and your body is instantly perfect, this is a tool you use to help you achieve that. Yes, it's a lot of hard work, and yes, it is painful, and YES it is worth it!

 Rachel A. 

BEST investment of my life!

Ashley black and the Facsiablaster are rolling our all over the world to all cultures and faiths

The BEST investment of my life! I love my fasciablaster, I use it religiously in the sauna every day I workout. I have lost 5 sizes & my legs & body looks better and smoother, my arms look slimmer and a little more defined #workinprogress. I'm very happy with the results. Thank you, Ashley Black. Go fasciablaster

 Alma Rosa C. 

Helps with my Muscle Recovery

fasciablaster was first intended to help clients of Ashley black deal with their  pain

I LOVE what's this has done for my workouts and muscle recovery and performance! The FasciaBlaster is better than anything I've tried and has done more to enhance my muscle definition, recovery, strength, endurance, ROM, and performance than 7+ years of working out! #GameChanger

 Kim K. 

I love my FasciaBlaster

Ashley Black wants to teach all ages how to properly help themselves using the fasciablaster

I love my Fascia Blaster!! After working out for years with top trainers and in top clubs, I realized I wasn't toning up because I didn't have full access to my muscles. I also had a chronic knee injury as a result. Surgery, meds, Ashley's expertise has changed my life! I can feel the muscles in my legs working in ways they neverr have. And the Fascia Blaster gives such quick results that I can literally fit better in my clothes on the same day I useit! Love, love, love it!!! Oh, and I no longer have chronic knee pain.

 Joanna N. 

The Fasciablaster gives me Increased circulation, Pain relief, Increased stamina - Everyday.

The fasciablaster helps muscle performance and recovery just as Ashley Black intended

I am an absolute believer in these tools. I cannot get over how amazing my body feels after fasciablasting. The increase in circulation, the pain relief, the increase in stamina i have for everyday stuff, and now that muscles aren't being suffocated by tight, bound fascia... i can feel muscles firing like crazy! Ashley Black Guru, Thank you to the moon and back!! With anything, you have to be consistant, and it pays to join the group page, to get tips from the ABG staff and Ashley. It is worth the $, if you are willing to put in the consistant effort.

 Kimmie H. 

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